Legal Services

Family Law - Collaborative

Hamara Law Professional Corporation offers collaborative representation to clients seeking:

  • property settlements
  • parenting plans
  • child support
  • spousal support
  • separation agreements
  • marriage contracts
  • cohabitation agreements

Collaborative Family Law is a settlement process wherein each party engages legal counsel to pursue a cooperative approach to the settlement of the issues arising from a marriage breakdown or other domestic matter. Virginia believes in the conciliatory approach to family law settlements either pursuant to a formalized collaborative agreement or as an underlying principle of negotiation. She is trained in collaborative negotiation and represents clients who wish to settle issues without going to court.

Real Estate (purchase, sale and mortgage refinance)

Real estate services include purchases, sales and mortgage financing for:

  • residences
  • condominiums
  • cottages
  • recreational properties

We encourage clients to review agreements with us at the commencement of the transaction. Our approach is proactive, ensuring that real estate transactions close successfully.  

Wills and Estate Planning

Estate planning services include:

  • assessing estate planning needs
  • preparing wills
  • preparing powers of attorney for the management of property and personal care

Estate Administration

We advise and support Estate Trustees in managing the legal and administrative requirements necessary to liquidate and distribute the assets of the deceased.

We assist with the various responsibilities of administering the estate of a deceased person.


Small Business Law services include:

  • incorporating, organizing and record keeping of privately held corporations
  • purchase and sale of shares, assets and unincorporated businesses
  • shareholder agreements
  • partnership agreements
  • property ownership agreements
  • corporate restructuring as designed by tax advisor